The Overview Of .Net Web Development Technology

.NET is a new technology in fact it is a collection of technologies which supports many programming languages. This was developed by MICROSOFT for creating robust web applications and web services.  It is a development platform which perform the task of development of windows application, development of all application which are based on web, network application development, web portal development.


With .NET we can use multiple languages that means we can write your code via using any programming languages that supportable for developer.




Few years back microsoft had only VC++ and VB and these languages are not able to compete with other languages so that microsoft started development of .NET in the late 1990s under the name of NEXT GENERATION WINDOWS SERVICE.

And in 2002 the microsoft launches the latest version of .NET which was a big invention in the market.







1- FRAMEWORK CLASS LIBRARY (FCL)- FCL is the key component of .NET and it provides core to the program development. Before .NET application programming interface (API) was used but API was unmanaged and not that useful. FCL is a collection or set of classes and data types include in the .NET framework and these classes are object oriented and easy to use in development. FCL is used for developing application such as window application, web application, console application etc.


2- COMMON LANGUAGE RUNTIME (CLR)- CLR used to manages the execution of programs which are written in different supported languages by transforming them to bytecode and then into the native code for the chosen platform. Developer write code in any supported .NET language then .NET compiler convert it into CIL code and  here CLR convert these code that can be understood by operating system.




1- Customer relationship management

2- Accounting applications development

3- web page development

4- Windows development

5- Mobile application development


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